The Tracey Fragments (2007)

August 15, 2008


Tracey Berkowitz: I kinda like to ride a different bus every night depending on my mood. Like, if I’m depressed, I enjoy being around other depressed people. And happy people, they frickin depress me! You know? 

Tracey Berkowitz: Look, the other day, something happened. I came to certain realizations. I can’t tell you what or you’ll end up like me, on this bus, looking for someone. 


Tracey Berkowitz: I don’t like the country. Creeps me out. In the country, dead bodies live in swamps, and ditches, and shallow graves. A man dumps the body of a girl in a ditch. The body rotts; Melts into slime. Flowers pop up where the body lies, seeds fly out of the flowers, and a bee sucks the flowers and makes honey. And then the family of the girl buys the honey from the store. And the family eats the girl. 


Tracey Berkowitz: When a horse falls, foam comes out of its mouth. When it falls, the legs of the horse thrash and the horse is no good… So somebody shoots it. The horse turns into glue. A machine puts the glue into bottles and children squeeze the bottles to get the glue out and stick bits of paper onto cards. Glue gets on the children’s hands and the children eat the glue. And the children become the horse. 


Dr. Heker: Why don’t you go home? Go home. 


Tracey Berkowitz: My name is Tracey Berkowitz. Fifteen. Just a normal girl who hates herself. 


Tracey Berkowitz: When things happen to people, they radiate a light. Because they have a picture caught inside them. Because they were there and you weren’t. And because you only got a piece. And because all you can do is shrink and blow up that one tiny piece. 


Tracey Berkowitz: Doctor Hecker, my psychiatrist. She only cares about the, like, 80 bucks an hour she’s paid, or whatever, to prevent me from turning into a psycho. Well… it’s kinda too late for that. 


Tracey Berkowitz: It really isn’t my fault. I absolutely had to run away. Like, my Dad, he’s always saying that I exaggerate. You know? He’s always like, ‘Tracey, I don’t know what to believe and what not to believe.’ But how do you know what’s real and what’s not when the whole world is inside your head? 


Tracey Berkowitz: He stuck his cock in me and said I love you, in that exact order. Now I’m not afraid to die. ‘Cause like birds and bees and bugs, they all die after they fuck. 


Tracey Berkowitz: This is the story of the girl with no tits. Went to my school. No tits. Big dumb moon face. 


Tracey Berkowitz: Look, I’m not what you think. I’m not junk, I’m not a dink. I’m not garbage flowers you leave to rot and stink, and smell, and curl up all dry and papery so they crumble as crusty as the flowers on this fucked up shower curtain.


2 Responses to “The Tracey Fragments (2007)”

  1. Susie Says:

    Learning a ton from these neat arlictes.

  2. Folkgirl…of course you’re married because that’s the law of the land now…my man and I were married by a JOP too…my church wouldn’t marry us because he is a heathen…hahaha…we couln’t be ‘unequallly yoked’…But see that’s my point –I didn’t bitch about it because what I was doing was against the teachings of the church -their teachings aren’t set up to screw me out of a church wedding…they are taken from the Bible and that is the premise of their existance…I went to the JOP and it was all good. In France everyone has a civil union -unless the specifically want a religious church marriage.

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